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It is my goal to work to sustain and develop the nonprofit sector to withstand baby boomer retirement in order to

(1) reduce the occurrences of hiring gaps within the sector and

(2) maintain a level of competitiveness with the for-profit and government sectors.

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Your nonprofit's mission is important to our community.

Maria Montaro, PhD, MBA, MSW

Certified Nonprofit Professional

Maria is a Certified Nonprofit Professional with the American Management Institute. She has received extensive education in nonprofit management fields, most recently receiving her PhD in Community Engagement from Point Park University. Maria’s research showed that Allegheny County’s nonprofit sector is at-risk due to the upcoming baby-boomer retirement gap and effects from the COVID-19 virus. Maria is ready to help your nonprofit prepare for the future through the implementation of recruitment, retention, and succession planning strategies.


What We Specialize In

Recruit the Strongest

Build and Develop

Grow the Best Teams

Set Obtainable Goals

Personalized Succession Plans


“Allegheny County’s nonprofit sector is about to experience a period of transition due to the upcoming baby boomer retirement. No nonprofit is too big or too small for a succession plan.” .

“Maria was so professional in helping us get organized for our future.”

- Sam Tyler

“After three failed attempts at getting help, Maria was able to do the seemingly impossible.”

- Olivia Green

“You won't regret Maria's efforts.  We are better then ever because of her.”

- Will Jackson

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