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Succession Planning

It is imperative that the current succession planning needs of the nonprofit sector are identified. Recruitment and retention strategies are vital parts of succession planning that help identify and maintain new talent.

Take the Succession Planning Readiness Survey

Are you wondering how your organization can be more stable in years to come? Take Maria’s readiness survey today! The survey will challenge you to think about ways in which your organization can specifically improve its strategies to withstand the inevitable changes that are coming to the nonprofit sector. Then, schedule a consultation or work with Maria to discuss how you can plan for the future!

Learn How You Can Prepare For The Future of Your Organization

When you take Maria’s preparedness survey, you will be challenged to think through your current succession planning, recruitment, and retention practices. By planning for the future, your nonprofit organization will be more prepared to complete their important mission-driven work. 

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a free 30-minute conversation with Maria to discuss your nonprofit organization’s goals and objectives. Maria will work with you to create a detailed custom plan of engagement that will best serve your organization. 

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